Inspector Wendy

Alot of the guys on here have helped me come up with the marketing idea for:

Inspector Wendy

I have a new domain but no website yet as funds do not allow yet. But I wanted to get people’s input. If you have an idea to help with this let me know.

I hope to get a little person drawn up to be my Logo like a little cartoonish Inspector Wendy with sherlock hat and large magnifying glass and really market the hell out of it.

I also want to tie it into the book Nick asked for and put the Logo image on the cover with the Title and then my photo on the back.

I think this is something that could be really big and I appreciate any suggestions.


Oh, the domain is

and the email is ! Feel free to email me with any ideas as well.

I’m hoping to market the book and tours etc, with a definite NACHI bias, to Amazon and maybe the morning talk shows etc. I think it could be a really awesome idea.

Someone came up with the idea of a billboard and everything!!!

Wendy, sounds funny but you could ask some tattoo artists to give you some samples for your logo. My cousin does this sort of thing for different folks and the drawings are fantastic. If not that, possibly a local art school, the students are usally lacking funds too. Just my 2 cnts.

That’s a GREAT IDEA Michael! My brother in law is a tat artist as well. I never would have thought of that!

Awesome! Thanks!

i have the domain

I like it Gary! :slight_smile:

WELL??? Let’s see it. A relative as a tat artist…LETS SEE IT!:shock:


You want to see my cousin? He does all his drawings freehand and he is awesome. He is over in your neck of the woods also. I think he’s in Puyallup now. But maybe back in Tacoma. Not sure. :slight_smile:

Jason Buckholtz is his name.

I don’t have a TAT if that is what you are asking. :slight_smile:

Inspector Windy :mrgreen:



Thats a good caricature, but the mouth isnt near

big enough.:smiley:

Ooooooooooooooooooohhh!!! Bad Jerry! Grrrrr!!!

I think it is a good caricature, but I was going to say it isn’t SEXY enough!!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Wendy… send me a picture of your head and I will place on a body
and we can get you any look you want… LOL. :mrgreen:

You may never live it down, but we can do it. smile.

BTW… I took the image off the internet and doctored it with
the windows paint (bitmap) program. I can’t draw that good.

:smiley: Hey John where is the bikini?:smiley:


GoDaddy has free web pages and hosting to get you started. Look over the site. They put a ad banner at the top but it is not too bad, checkout this is hosted free with domain purchase.

We should have a “DEAR INSPECTOR WENDY” Thread like dear abby.

Get a grip.


Hows the book deal going?

Yeah Windy that’s it. I’m jealous. I don’t think you’d want to have this conversation in a public forum.