opened today.

site not working

won’t work for me either.

Back up. We sold out in 7 hours. Had to scramble this morning to get more stock. What happened to the slow economy.

Competitive prices on Streamlights. Nice sight Nick. :mrgreen:

Nick what happened to the store today. did not get a call back.

Sounds like they got a hold of you tonight.

Nick I placed an order back when you had Streamlight for $75.00 for five lights, entered my credit card info…never got confirmation or notice. Is my order canceled or on hold?

Direct me to the thread where you see them for $75 and I’ll let you know. I’m assuming that you didn’t order from InspectorOutlet ?

Ordered from:

and that was $75.00 each my order was for 5 of them.

That’s just the last page of an order form. I’d have to see the thread to determine what the offer was, who it was for, what limits there were, etc. From what thread did you find that form?

Post #79 on page 6 of that thread. All 600 flashlights sold. We did not process any orders since then and have been trying to get more. has a pretty good deal.

Is my order that was placed with my credit card thrown out or on hold?

Yes they did thanks Nick :smiley:

Is up and running. Place a call and left a message for you yesterday, as well as sent an email and no reponse so far. Need price info for a TI. Thanks.

Patrick, your email bounced back to us on Friday and then again this morning. Is there something wrong with your email account?