Hey folks,

In the middle of last month I started keeping track of unique visitors to pages. I just thought I’d post some preliminary statistics:

  • There have been a little over 15,700 unique visitors to sites since the middle of last month (this doesn’t include pages like the sign-up and info pages–only NACHI member pages).
  • The site with the most unique visitors got 596 visitors.
  • The site with the fewest unique visitors got 1 visitor.
  • There are currently 1,264 sites hosted on
    I’ll be doing more with the data, and will eventually make stats available to the page owners. I just thought it might be some interesting info for y’all.

As a side-note, if you don’t have an site, you can get one on the Sign-Up Form. The pages are completely free, and because they automatically link to your existing web site if you have one, they can only help (giving you one extra way for people to find you and also helping increase your site’s search ranking).