I need to know how I can edit the content on my inspectorpages website?

Anyone have a clue?

I would really appreciate it.


Have you tried this?

Member Login

I did Larry! Thanks. I would love to know if I can use my own domain name with it?

There are some interesting “Inspectors” that need deleting:

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Scott, go to the other post.

LOL. You got that right Larry.


In order to have my domain point to my inspectopages2 website, I would need Name Servers from Inspectorpages2 to update at GoDaddy.

Any clue on this?

Why Larry? I do not believe members are ever moderated???:wink:

Chris Morrell

Registered through:, Inc. (

Domain servers in listed order:

Update: InspectorPages is now under new ownership, and is in no way associated with Reports, Inc., InterNACHI, Nick Gromicko or Chris Morrell.

There ya have it Scott.

I didn’t, I just went onto etc…
login and the forwarding and mask domains screen comes up…
type in the inspector pages address where you want it to rredirect (
click on 301 moved permanantly
click OK

That’s it. It will take a few minutes for it to redirect. It shoulsd work for you.

Yep you can do it that way to.

Forwarding is okay. Masking will get your domain banned from Google, don’t do it.

Ok! So I can go to GoDaddy and “forward” and it will work? Or would I also need to “mask”? I apparently DO NOT want to “mask”. So can I “forward” and make it work?

Thanks for all your help!!

Side note: Don’t ever leave your FULL container of night crawlers in your tackle box inside the cab of your truck in the high heat of the day!! Not a pleasant smell! Can’t believe I did it! Now I need that Yummy smell taken out! Any ideas?

You need to wait a few weeks until Chris gets it set up so NACHI’s name servers can handle your sites. In the meantime you can only forward.

So what will forwarding do for me? I have purchased the domain name already. What would I be forwarding it from?

Personally, I would follow Chris’ information.

If you need a site fast, and can’t wait a couple/few weeks, try this…


The forwarding would just redirect whatever your new domain is to the inspectorpages2 site. It’ll show the inspectorpages2 domain as the name for now. There’s really no point.

No point exactly!

I will wait for Chris to hurry up and put this as the #1 priority so that I can have this up and running ASAP! :mrgreen:

Thanks for your hard work on that Chris! Please let me know when I can make this happen.