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Nice! This deserves a 300 post discussion though :slight_smile:

Call Wack in again on why it is a terrible idea…

I have 5 of my own “candy houses” in RE offices in my market. They are in the employee lounges. They allow me to get past the gate keeper when I go in every couple weeks to fill them. They work. Many many inspections as a direct result of being able to get in and meet agents face to face.

Nate when I read your comment the first thing that popped into my head was the cartoons that NACHI sends us each month.

I could picture you filling up your candy dish while two re agents watch. One re agent says to the other “Who’s that guy?”, the other re agent replies with “Oh he is the Candy Man. I think he does home inspections on the side also.”


I bet Nate is doing more inspections than Jim!:stuck_out_tongue:

I bet nate is bringing down our reputation…:stuck_out_tongue:

Haven’t we discussed this somewhere :slight_smile:

Yup, and it was me saying that it worked. I drop in once a week to fill em up(mine are at the front desk) and top off my business cards. I know for a fact that I get inspections from them. I got a call today and booked an inspection. Guess what, they got my card from my candy jar. Don’t knock it tell you try it!!:wink:

This is what they look like.

candy dish.JPG

Greg, I respect you as a man, because we both looked at it from each others side last time. This is directed at anyone using this so called marketing, not just Greg.

And I will state it up front, This is just my opinion.

I didn’t say it didn’t work.
I’m sure there are alot of things that will work.
Like, writing soft reports, ignoring a defect, etc…
Hell, I bet I could get a few inspections by walking into their office naked. (ok, maybe when I was younger)

All I’m getting at is that it’s a cheap shot.
It’s unethical and does nothing but run down the reputation of home inspectors. And you do it calling it “Creative Marketing”.

There is only one purpose for such tactics. To get referrals. If you got no referrals you wouldn’t do it.

Why are you catering to the re agents when you should be catering to the consumers. That’s where our money is. All the HI, re agents, appraisers, etc, money from a real estate transaction comes from the consumer.

Oh, I know why, it’s easier. Just ride the same wave that somebody else made.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought NACHI was created because someone said hey, I don’t like the way ash$ does it, I think I can do it different and better. This will be an elite group of HI’s. Regardless, the elite portion is correct because I have the banner on my website.

I would like someone to tell me how hard the re agents work to get on the HI’s preferred list? Can you imagine the outlandish things they would come up with? But this is not the case today. And Why Not?

I don’t think I stand alone when I say, some of the things you guys do to gain business is shocking.

Anybody else besides me want to see a change on how we market to the consumers?

No :slight_smile:

Is this because you prefer marketing to the re agents?:slight_smile:

I would prefer and do, market to the consumers.

I don’t look at my candy dishes as marketing to the realtors. Yes they are in the realty office but it is not for the realtor. While all of the pamphlets and cards are in the back room collecting dust my dish is sitting on the front counter just waiting for the next consumer to come in, take a candy and my card. I am sure the realtors get there fair share as well but that is not my motivation.
On a side note, I will be the first person to say that I do market to realtors and get alot of work from them. I would love to be fully independant from them but reality is around here they are needed to stay in business.

I prefer to market to anyone who brings business.

Same here. Many prefer to lick realtors testicles though.

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So Greg, where did you get the candy dishes from? I haven’t seen one like that for sale.