Inspector's Quarterly full-color magazine. First issue coming out next month.

Finally, our industry has its own magazine.

I’ll have a pdf version posted up here soon.

Is there a subscription cost or how is it going to be available? Is there ways to contribute? How do you pay for advertisement? Is it really, I mean really, going to be for the “industry” or just what you dictate?

In meaning can ASHI or NAHI advertise? Can other labs besides Pro-Lab advertise or will it just be another “Nick” decides program? If so then it is another NACHI quarterly. Which I enjoy and it does offer benefits and good education.

Not KNOCKING it, just wondering if its really for the industry or just what you decide.

No, it is totally free. Just like our newspaper was for years.

LOL. Well, I don’t think the mini-minneapolis group has anything to advertise, but yes, they can run an ad as can other labs or vendors, provided it helps InterNACHI members in some way or offers InterNACHI members some special deal. ASHI may not have any ad space… as we won’t be helping any known diploma mills harm our profession. Although we’re not looking for advertisers, I guess we really wouldn’t turn any down.

InterNACHI is the industry. But no, it’s not an open-source magazine. We’re of course promoting only those vendors that help InterNACHI members particularly. Neutral vendors (vendors that don’t treat InterNACHI members any better than their other customers) are not welcome. Do you have a product or service to promote Russell? We’ll get it in there for you.

Thanks Nick for answering the questions. Once again, you do tremendous things for the industry and I appreciate it. I just thought it would be something that would be open to all and be an actual “trade” magazine. So in short it is the NACHI quarterly in color, thanks! Color is always good and thanks for your continuing efforts on improving all aspects of the organization it is very commendable.

You’re welcome. And of course it is my position that InterNACHI is the inspection industry. Everything outside of InterNACHI in the inspection industry is wasteland… or soon to be.

Anyway, if you or any member has anything they want to put in the magazine (an article, an announcement, a product or service that you sell to other inspectors)… email it to me and I’ll get it in there. No charge.

Who will this be distributed to? Inspectors? Realtors? Print? Email? Link? By subscription? Mailing list?


We’ll put a pdf version up here and mail a printed version. Both free.