Inspectors Under Real Estate Commision?

Do you feel that HI licensed under a State Real Estate Commission is a direct conflict? Why? Where should HI be licensed in a State?

Department of professional regulation.

Government is in conflict with everything. Since HI’s will not stand up against it (like we did here in Kansas), it will be status quo in Texas. This is one of the largest conflicts of interest in the U.S. and HI’s there will not bite the hand that feeds it.

If you do not stand to fight, you will have to abide.


If ever,
in PA
Pennsylvania Home Improvement Contractor Registration

Equal to the Requirements of those Contractors performing the work that Home Inspectors are inspecting.

Dept of Professional Registration… OR if Texas has on

a Construction Industry Board

Okla Licensing falls under Construction Industry Board we use to be under health department go figure:shock:

I prefer TREC over TDLR that monitors such as Tow truck drivers and Cosmetologists. I’d rather be grouped w/ Realtors than with Hair Dressers, Finger Nail Specialists and Tow Truck Drivers !

Charlie and Dan, I agree with you on that. That would be the right choice. But the TRCC- Texas Residential Construction Commission folded after maybe less than 10 years ??? They are gone.

I vote for deregulation of this industry. Any move to another agency would have to show me an objective of significant regulatory simplification. The irony is it takes very significant power to cause a reduction in power.

I agree with the TDLR answer above. While we are under TREC’s thumb, it’s the fox controlling the hen house and a terrible conflict of interest for the Real Estate Commission to regulate Home Inspectors. Our clients don’t have a chance for a true 3rd party inspection. It’s up to the individual inspector to have the integrity to create that boundary.

Changing this will take 100% cooperation from ALL Texas Inspectors.

The funniest part is how agents complain about how we do inspections when we are bound by an SOP designed by them!

The funniest part is how agents complain about how we do inspections when we are bound by an SOP designed by them!

It has long been known that a conflict exists when the association for the agents controls and rulemakes for the group the potentially can destroy the transaction. If the agents can control the inspectors, it makes the transaction smoother.
The questions are why has none of the industry leaders made a significant attempt to change this in the last 20 years? And how to do it?
A big task for sure…

DBPR in Florida. I don’t get why any good agent would want to control the transaction, or want a favorable assessment, if it’s not the case. The house does that… it is what it is. I tell agents all the time that I am a realist. The clients hire us to tell them the condition of the house they are looking to purchase. I know I don’t want a phone call from a client six months later telling me I missed this or that and it costed them thousands of dollars to repair it. I would think the agents would want their clients to be happy too… but that’s just me.

To catch you up, the Texas inspector associations coalition surveyed the Texas inspectors and found that they were not informed about what was going on. So we took the show on the road and did a series of townhall meetings around the state. The info gleaned was the reported to TREC at a meeting of the Commissioners Exec Committee on Halloween.

The information seemed to be taken to heart but was soon (within a week) followed by a very biased article in the TREC Advisory mag authored by the Administrator. Then very conveniently a major Texas Realtor Association member Champions Real Estate School began a STATE OF THE INSPECTION INDUSTRY lunch n learn meeting at all Texas cities. The lunch speaker was a members of the TREC Inspector Advisory Committee (which sounds like it represents the inspectors but does not by law). He is also against any move away from TREC.

Wait it gets better…today I went to Austin to speak at the TREC Commissioners meeting and was too tired to go to the TPREIA InterNACHI Houston Chapter meeting. This IAC member shows up and wants to speak. He is asked to discontinue as there is a scheduled speaker.

The IAC states that the Texas Realtors Assoc is good for inspectors and that we owe them a lot. We should not consider trying to pull away.

So the Town Hall Meeting results were provided as a “Treat” which was later rewarded with a “Trick”?