Inspectors Wanted

MTB Group which held the HUD REAC contracts for 8 years is looking for inspectors for the midwest through all eastern states. In addition we will need inspectors for the far west.

This is a quasi government involved contract focusing on single family properties. If you are interested please contact me with a email resume at This will include you in our discussions but not commit you to participation. At this early stage of negotiations we are not prepared to discuss in detail:

I can state the contract needs will be filled monthly and we have an excellent past reputation for paying our inspectors promptly. Thank you for your attention.

Mike Mullen
MTB Group Inc.

Has HUD ever branched out with their training program for REAC Inspectors? The only training location they are showing for their required training is their offices in Washington DC. The course may be no charge by HUD but the travel and expenses are on the Inspectors own dime. For a required 3 day REAC training course you are easily looking at 4 nights in an expensive hotel and all related travel movement costs.

Another questions is the REAC training is only performed once each month (one 3 day class each month). The current HUD training schedule shows all classes closed through June of this year and none yet scheduled after that. What is your time frame for bringing Inspectors in and placing them in the field if no other training is available until at least July?

HUD also requires that the Inspector have 250 verifiable inspections for their criteria. What are their requirements for verifying these inspections? All they state is they will request information from you but not what that information will be. Many licensed states have strict confidentiality laws with regards to providing any client information to other than those that were directly involved with the real estate transaction. That would even include simple things such as names and addresses of properties inspected. It is really not reasonable to expect an Inspector to contact 250 past clients and try to obtain written permission to share their confidential information, or any part of it such as names and adresses only, for HUD’s requests.

Being that your company has been involved in this for many years, back to the late 1990’s, you can possibly clear the air on these questions.

Where “don’t” you need inspectors?

I agee. More details please.

I’m interested in hearing more details please

Its been quite a while since we had HUD REAC contracts. But last I knew training was given only in DC which never made sense to me. Inspectors I am looking for on this most recent contract do not have to be REAC Certified.


Good question. Likely will not need them in the in the midwest on southwest.

I will have to do some research but a few months back I was informed that these classes were going to be offered regionally in the near future.