Inspectors who bash realtors...

are harmful to nachi and all home inspectors. If I don’t agree with these inspectors, am I being chidish?




You ARE a child.

I don’t know what to say to you that hasn’t been said here allready.
You need HELP my friend. You realize that members don’t take you seriously.
I’m a Christian but I’m far from being perfect…“Get some fcuking help”!! :smiley:

Below is what I got for replying to one of his posts ,
He has been a member for three months today .
He wants to be an instant expert he is a 90 day wonder
Hope you do not get hit like I have .
I never get red squares and suddenly I get two from the same post .
I wonder who else has had red Squares from replying to a post of Kens???

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Does Anyone know Nick’s…4/22/07 7:16 PMdefensive? you are a simpering wuss.

Does Anyone know Nick’s…4/24/07 8:01 AM


Roy Cooke A happy NACHI member

Don’t feel alone Roy. I got them too but i cant post them because of the vulgarities And he says he is a Christian ??? I don’t think so

I got a pm from the freak
just ignore him maybe he will go away

I think the term “bash” is overused around here.

If I disagree with you and say so, I am bashing you.

If I point out the conflicts of interest derived from building a business dependent upon RE salesmen’s referrals, I am bashing “realtors”.

If I eat a hamburger, I am bashing cattle.

What goes with this “bashing” bullsiht?

In a round about way… YES…:mrgreen:

…bash.…to strike with a heavy crushing blow.


a celebration, a party.

I just thought it might be nice to include an innocuous definition…as that seems to be the thing to do these days…

Instead of Bash I have to use Crash for parties. No one will invite me.

No I did not, I promise you it was not me, actually I was kind of glad that you did not attack me anymore, after I told you about the e-mail.

It was not me Henry

Geeze, James, when are you going to stop, now you are starting to bash "BullS**t…:stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

LOL…sorry. I slipped.

Where’s Dave Valley and his bashing hammer.

Brings up a real nice vision of the hammer hitting the pile. Also it relates back to that old saying “About as sharp as hammered sh!t”:mrgreen:

Couldn’t resist, help us out Dave:twisted:


I give you a red square if I could Roy. LOL ;-):stuck_out_tongue:




What is the rest of the "Does anyone know Nick’s… " sentence? Just curious (since I assume he means me).

There was a previous thread that was about “Does anyone know
Nick’s past”…

I told em you were a mafia boss, no big deal.

LMAO Oh Mighty One!!! “Does anyone know Nicks history” or close enough, heck there must be 20 pages by now in the members section. Dude, you’re the Almighty Nick and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise…except of course those who SAY otherwise.:wink:

Ken was inquiring on what you did before NACHI, and it has gotten way outa hand.

Relax, be cool, take a break at 4:20 and see you… , well next time I see you!

Kevin Bowles
Augusta, GA