Inspectors Working in the Dark.

Inspectors Working in the Dark.

Newer cameras have an LED option for close-ups, thus eliminating the obscuring flash. . .

My Sony HX5V has a twilight setting that takes 6 shots in less than a second and stitches them into one,thus eliminating need for flash in low light situations.

Zero graininess.

Looks like a great camera for personal use, or condo inspectors. I don’t think many inspectors are willing to pay $330.00 ++ to drag it through crawls, basements, and attics. Many of us replace camera’s every year or more. I would consider it if the price tag was under $200.00.

So for $ 100 you will take a much lesser camera.
business can’t be that bad?
Seriously the pictures are what represent you and your service.

Follow what I am saying?

I use my year old camera for the roof videos.

Do it right.

8 years, thousands of inspections, all with the same Sony camera. People brag about the picture quality; only two pixel; easy to e-mail. Still works great. Dropped it a few times, dozens of crawl spaces. I have the same mag lite for years, also.


I’m a cheap azz, and don’t care about ‘new’ technology, when it is ‘new’. Would rather wait two years, and get it for half price.

Am still using my 5 year old Kodak 5MP. Excellant pictures. Only had two issues in 5 years. Both times got dust in the lens assembly. Blew it out, no more problems. One pair of batteries (alkaline) per inspection (300-400 pictures) at best quality.

Have a older Kodak 3MP as backup. Have never needed to use it. Picked it up used at the Salvation Army for $4.00.

When I need to replace my primary camera, I will go with one like Jeff Pope uses. Olympus Stylus SW1030. Saw one on Ebay two weeks ago. Saw it at the last seconds. Went for $125.00.

Different strokes.
Everyone’s pictures cant be as good as mine or I would not be special:)

Anyway the title is working in the dark and I can.

I never work in the dark because I have a flashlight that lights up the world. Flashlights are such wonderful things. Others should try them. LOL

Now that your presence lights up the world ,we have no more need.:wink:

why have a 12 mp camera if you keep the settings on 2 mp? that just wasting money.

Storage space is liberal now in days.
You can always reduce and create space if needed.

Extra mp is great for more detail from a general shot,like that Electric panel that you are trying to read the conductor size on.

I keep my settings on 1 MP. Unfortunately, one cannot buy a 1 MP camera anymore. Sure do wish I could since I don’t need 10 MP for anything when it comes to home inspections.

The notes I take are all camera pictures, as each picture tells a thousand words the saying goes.

Having good optical zoom and high mp is essential for those “just in case times”.
Some pretend to be perfect to enhance their own image ,but no one is perfect ,and the bettor your notes the better your Inspection.

It could be for something inane as grabbing an appliance picture or as critical zooming in on a general window shot to show wood rot in your defect comments.

Either way,the more detail you provide yourself and your client can only help all involved.

I take notes, voice recordings, video recordings, and still pictures, depending on how fast I want to accomplish the inspection. With more than 10,000 inspections since October 15, 2001, I have never had a need for anything greater than 1 MP.