Has anyone received an inspection request from a Margaret Scott through InspectorSeek (or similar referral)? Long story, but seems to be a bit out of the ordinary.

Congratulations you are the 20th thread starter on this subject:mrgreen:

Its a scam, just ignore her and she’ll go away.

Sorry, I should have done a search first. The original request seemed ok, but the poor wording and structure in the follow-up early gave it away.

Not a problem, just messin with ya!! I started a thread when I got my email from her two weeks ago. I just hope no one is falling for it.

I bet you somebody is. How many people show up on Inspectorseek and how many of those don’t look at these forums? I am sure it is probably like shooting fish in a barrel because I am sure there are some inspectors out their that are starving and need anything. Desperation does cloud vision pretty bad sometimes.