is back with a new $19.95 per month option

Ok, I’m back on line for new sign ups!

Thanks everyone for letting me catch up a bit around the house and finish my new admin back end, so far the few who use it love it.

Feel free to sign up anytime…!

$19.95 per month Offer
In case some of you are looking for something around $19.95 per month, I do offer you my service at only $19.95 per month if you choose the annual payment option. You are committing to one year, but this makes me the lowest price of all the services out there. If you are an existing client looking for this offer, just contact me at and I can convert you over anytime.

Month-to-month will remain $24.95 per month and NO CONTRACTS!

If you have any questions feel free to ask away…

Thanks Greg.