Anyone deal with these folks? There website looks sketchy to say the least but the insurance rate they offered me is better than anything else I’ve come across.

I just had a conversation with them on the phone and the also offer other services as well that is included in the monthly payment but the insurance is the main thing that caught my eye. They claim there insurance is through AON Canada on which I am waiting to receive confirmation from AON about.

Just wondering if anyone has experience with them as I would have to travel to Sydney, Novia Scotia to shadow a inspector for a couple days to qualify along with my NACHI training and construction backround.

Just received confirmation from AON Canada for there insurance services. Anyone input about these guys would be a great help.

Are they licensed brokers to sell insurance in NL? They certainly are not in ON, although the underwriters AON are.

Why don’t you call AON directly at Aon Reed Stenhouse, 125 Kelsey Drive, St. John’s, NL, A1B 0L2, Telephone: (709) 739-1000