InspectVue 5, Time to go through the library again-moan

Version 5 looks really good, but it means going through the whole library again. This isn’t absolutely necessary, but if you plan to customize the narratives and format… you’ll wind up going through them.

I would hold off on making any customizations if the updates are going to be like the latest one. It completely wiped out all of the changes I made. I also won’t be trying it out in the real world until it is complete.

For those that are having trouble understanding Lorne’s latest news about the update, It is located at the link that he gave you with the unlock code.

Are you saying that the new version changes the countless hours of customizations I’ve already done in the Classic version?

No, no, no. Sorry if I was not clear. Classic and V5 are two seperate programs. What you do in v5 wil have no effect to classic. Lorne has released an update to v5. Instead of the update files that we are used to that make the necessary changes, this one is the whole setup file. It reinstalls the databases which wipes out changes you may have made to your library in this version only.

There is a conversion program that allows you to convert your libraries from InspectVue Classic to InspectVue 5. Both programs are totally separate. You can actually run both at the same time.:wink: