Inspectvue help

Hello, I am a struggling inspector trying to ride this thingout. I have a issue with my Inspectvue program. When I try to preview my contracts or reports a pop-up comes up and says that I must have Acrobat Reader 5.0 or higher. I have (and have had) Acrobat 9 now! I am not paid up with PV for maintenance as I just can not do it right now. Any help would be appreciated. Robert

Hi Robert, I had a similiar problem right after I downloaded the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader 9. I had to go back to Adobe and reload the version 8.0. Never had a problem after that…

Thank You, I’ll give it a try! Robert

Let us know if you can’t find 8, I’ll get you a direct link. I helped a few guys with this problem over the last few months.

Thanks Dominic, I could use the link for the 8.0. I can’t seem to find it.

Here ya go:

Thank you Dominic. What wonderful customer service you give, even for someone who isn’t a customer! I will remember this when I look to change programs. All Porter Valley wanted was the $$$$$$, to heck with customer service, eh? Anyhow thanks again. Robert Stringer

forget the $250 update to PV. They’ve been promising their V5 release for the last two years, and we’ve yet to see anything of the sort.
In two years time, (2 X $250) you could have paid for Home Inspector Pro,
learned how to use it, and saved a fortune forever!
Not to mention the best support you’ve just encountered.
As a previous InspectVUE user, I’m glad I made the switch almost a year ago.
Have fun with a supported, and very shareable product for our industry.

No problem Robert, glad to help.

Steve, thanks for the kudos, and I’m glad you’re happy with the switch! :slight_smile: