Is InspectVue History? I have not been able to get in touch with anyone.

That’s why 90 percent of Home Inspectors use Home Inspector Pro software.

That does not answer my question, and is not an accurate statement.

I don’t know about Inspectvue’s status. You may want to try and get in touch with Keith. He sold the company but he may still have some contacts to help you get what you need.

And yes, the comment made by Mr Elliot is not accurate.

I am thinking around 90%.
Everyone is switching over now.
There is nothing better.

Prove me wrong.

I have a better idea.
Prove you’re right!**

Nah till disproved…90% is accurate.

Prove the universe is round.
I say it is a big piece of Brick veneer .

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Hmm, what if we don’t think the Universe is round?

just like Global Warming, eh?

IMO, an expanding oval.

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Sone info gained from Brian Kelly from a post I had on 4/12:

To All PVS Licensees:

Porter Valley Software, Inc. (PVS) has been acquired by Environmental Service Professionals, Inc. (ESP). Ed Torres, CEO & Chairman of ESP stated, "We are very excited about the opportunity to acquire the industry’s leading inspection and report creation software. This acquisition is in keeping with our commitment to excellence and leadership within the Indoor Air Quality industry.” PVS inspection report-writers compliment the ESP business model by creating an integrated software solution for the next generation of Real Estate Inspectors that includes residential, commercial, environmental inspections, testing and laboratory analysis.
We apologize for any inconveniences that the move of PVS to Palm Springs may have caused.

We are currently experiencing some shortcomings for technical support; however, we are doing our best to help each individual to the best of our ability. We are not unreasonable and welcome any and all suggestions, ideas, and support. Please contact us and let us know what you would like to see in the future and what areas you think we need to improve on. It is our intention to move forward in a positive, in a strong fashion, and as a team; creating new software that is cutting edge.

ESP has moved PVS to its headquarters in Palm Springs. Call Center agents are currently routing incoming calls for Porter Valley as well as Safeguard inspectors. A new team of developers has been gathered and is brought up to speed on all current software codes. Furthermore, the team is currently working on R5 – the next generation of inspection software within the industry. We are welcoming anyone who would like to be part of the beta testing procedures, so please contact us at 888.525.2344 or sent us an email to

At this point in time, we have decided not to proceed with any updates for the software (R4). Our assessment indicated that the upgrades were minor for the software and it caused many technical issues for inspectors.

Hope this helps

Geez, they’re no longer updating their current version, and haven’t released their long awaited V5?

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Does that include all of the franchises also ? Our software is used by the biggest franchise in the country with over 800 inspectors and I know HomeGauge is used by a huge franchise also…3D and InspectIt are everywhere…I can say with 99.9% accuracy say that your statement is completely false…and that statement is really not helping Dominic at all if you are trying to help him.

Jeff Knight


Bob was just messing with Kevin. It’s not true and I posted in this thread or another that it’s far from true!

I agree Jeff. I know Robert means well and is a loyal supporter but enough is enough.