InspectWare users are taken care of.

I’m one of the original HIPPO / InspectWare users. We’ve done over 20,000 inspections with the software and have no complaints. In fact, all our inspectors love it. It is easy to use, is completely customizable and presents the information in a way that our clients can understand. A recent thread criticized InspectWare for charging a measly $59 fee for supplying assistance and a code for an obsolete system. This really isn’t fair. If you have a CURRENT system there would have been no charge. As far as the bill for tech support, this is optional. We choose to pay this insignificant fee and get outstanding support. We have had very few problem. But when we need help we get it immediately. Usually it is something we did wrong. So guys, let’s be fair to our suppliers. If you have a problem with a supplier, it’s not fair to present just one side. Wouldn’t you like to hear what InspectWare has to say about this user? We’ve all had unreasonable clients, who when they don’t get everything they want, they complain to anybody who is foolish enough to listen.

Well i have owned Hippo since 2001. And yes it does the job it was purchased for.
But i do have a problem when i purchase a program and have to pay $59.00 to put in there security code. Even Microsoft doesnt charge for that. When they updated there program and jumped to around $1600.00 i did not think the program was worth it. so i stuck with the older one.

Also i think i was fair. first i spoke to the office personal. then i spoke to the boss. Then when i got back from the hospital i have a bill for tech. support $129.00. Inspect ware is free to rebut any thing i have stated. I even have the bill sitting here next to me that i just pulled back out of the trash. I can scan that if needed.

To be fair
The Owner John of InspectWare Sent me a email and dis agrees with me. He says for some reason he is not able to login to the NACHI forum and dispute my clame or statement. I have offered him access to the CMI MB if he would like to post his disagreement.

This forum is open to all. All he has to do is register for our message board.

Computer hardware and software are not one time costs. They are on going business expenses. Are you still using the same computer you had in 2001? I’m on my third laptop since then. Also, I’ve purchased every update (improvement) of InspectWare. The home inspection software market is so small, it is absurd to compare any home inspection software to Microsoft, who has billions of potential users. Call Microsoft for help on software they no longer support. Good Luck! You should be praising InspectWare for bailing you out without requiring you to upgrade your obsolete 2001 sortware.
Also, don’t put out incorrect information about a company that helps me help my clients. You could have upgraded your software for $297. You can buy new for only $650. What a bargain! The bill you got for $129 was completely unrelated to your complaint. I got one too. I paid mine because I value the service. If you don’t want the service just don’t pay it. Finally, I’m sincerely sorry you had to go to the hospital and hope you have recovered fully. But what does that have to do with your compaint. You make it sound like you were sent the bill out of spite. It was a routine yearly mailing all users got.
To try to hurt someones business over a $59 dispute is petty. Hank, I think you are just cheap and want something for nothing.
I don’t think this message board is a good place to try to get even with people. There are inspectors looking for software who read these messages and would get a negative impression of a fine company. Are you being fair? Are you telling both sides of the story? How would you like a previous client, you thought you treated fairly, posting derogatory comments about your business on a message board for prospective home buyers in your city? We need to support the businesses that support our industry.
This is the first time I have ever contributed to this message board. The reason I’m responding is that when you harm a company that supports my business you harm ME. I depend on InspectWare to help me help my clients. And they have always been there when I called. Maybe you don’t want the best and latest software you can get, but most home inspectors do. Our clients deserve it.
This message board should be a place for inspectors to help inspectors. Not a place to air our petty individual complaint. How did your post help anyone? If you can’t say something nice, don’t say anything at all. As a group, let’s realize and appriciate what the companies who support our industry do for us.

Well John i dont think you know what your talking about.
First yes i am cheap. When i purchase some thing its mine. If i want to update it that is my choice. Why would i praise a software company that could Not provide support for my software. It appears there are things that you dont know.

It was quite common in the 80’s to have to pay each and every time you needed any sort of software support. That pretty much went away by the early to mid 90’s. Back in the 80’s, however, software actually came with a manual, complete enough such that you could figure out your own problem if you cared to research it. In the 80’s, software that was “locked” came with a dongle key you plugged into your serial port. If you lost that, you had to pay for another one too. In the 90’s, that changed to software keys.

Sounds like a company that still has an 80’s mindset. We’ve become accustomed to a new level of customer service now from our software suppliers.