InspectWare users Beware

If you use inspectware software Beware! If you have a system crash and have to call in for an unlock code they will charge you $59.00 for that unlock code even after you have already paid for the software.

I’ve had HG for years… When I updated computers (added a laptop and recently a new desktop) all I ever to is ask for another activation code…

Great CS from them…

Back to the vender in question now… :mrgreen:

I have HIP, InspectVue, HomeGuage and inspectware All of them reactivated the software except Inspectware. They want an additional $59.00 to give you the key again.

Just to make it clear The software i am talking about is Inspectware at It is NOT inspectvue. Lorne Steiner stands behind his software. Inspectware does not.

Now for an update on the practices of Inspectware. I just opened my mail and there is a bill from inspectware for $125.00 for tech support. Just so happens the day they have listed is one of the days i was in the hospital with a stroke. This company’s business practices gets better and better. I guess Monday i will file with the BBB of there state.

How do you get a bill for tech support, do they charge by the hour or something? I thought all the companies pretty much worked it into their program cost, or a yearly sort of fee.

I have no idea I just opened the letter and its a bill for $125.00 for tech support. Now if they were at the hospital and were one of the ones that helped save my life i would be happy to pay it. But i dont remember seeing any home inspectors at the hospital.

yaadee, yaadee, yaadee…screw them :twisted: …how you doing ?


with all the drugs pretty good. Thanks for asking. Im going to do my first inspection since the second stroke tomorrow.

Hope you make a full recovery Henry. Lots of luck to you.



Take it easy please, for yourself of course, but for all of us…don’t want anything crazy happening…!!

My long awaited appointment at the Mayo Clinic is Monday morning to see if they can come up with a way to fix my pancreas without ripping me apart (radical surgery) nobody else in Phoenix or Scottsdale can fix me, hopefully the specialists at the Mayo can…I have inspections scheduled everyday next week EXCEPT Monday…:shock: …so I kind of know the feeling of being in a position where your health trumps everything.

Take care Henry,


Good luck to both of you!

Not having health care and reading this thread is beginning to scare me.

Email me Bob @ nspexdd@yahoo and I will give you information about the health, eye, Rx, and dental plan I have, which I have had for about 8 years now. My premium price has only increased by $20.00 in the last 8 years.

For myself, it costs $183.00 per month, they pay 80% of anything major, pay 100% for MRI Cat Scans if related to a particular issue, not just having them done for preventative maintenance, they pay about about 95% of all prescription costs, pay for continued doctor visits if the reason is for the same issue, other wise only one visit a year is covered free for a physical.

I have never used the eye or dental plan yet, my uncle is a dentist, and my eyes are kind of OK–))…reading glasses at Walgreen’s is all I need for small print (so far)–))


Thanks Dale I will keep that in mind.
Right now I am bare bones newbie taking a gamble.
Had health care most of my life.
Use one dollar specials my self and got the two hundred dollar jobbers when my arm got too short.
Stick with the cheap ones as you can use different strengths that way.

What the hell are you talking about…#-o…:-&…:lol:

Sounds more like you need a girlfriend than health care.

Email me if you need one of those to, I can usually help everyone someway or another…O:)…8-…:-&

Hahah Dale I am …oh never mind I could use another girlfreind so I’ll just go along with this.
G-d I hope she doesn’t see this.
Notice I spend saturday night sitting on the board in between staring at my unfinished report.

The original post is false.
If you have a current version of InspectWare there is no charge for the code. This user has a 2001 ‘obsolete’ version which is no longer supported, for which there is a small fee. Most software providers would have required him to upgrade to the latest version. The bill for $129 is unrelated to his compaint. All users got the bill. I paid mine because I value the service. If he doesn’t want the service simply don’t pay the bill.
I have been a user of InspectWare since they first went into business. We have done over 20,000 inspections on this software and all the inspectors here LOVE it. We have had very few problems. But when we do, we get immediate help. Usually it is something we did wrong.
This post was spiteful, mean spititted and irresponsible. What ever happened to the brotherhood of home inspectors? When you attack a company that supports my home inspection business you attack ME.
For any home inspectors out there looking for software that is affordable, easy to use and a comprehensive system with super tech support, I HIGHLY recommend InspectWare. I went through three other software systems before I found InspectWare. I’m talking from experience. I’ve been a full time home inspector since 1982, I’ve personally done over 8,000 inspections and my company has done over 50,000.

Jack Moriarty is one of my friends, a great guy and you all can trust him.

No My original post is fact.
Inspect Vue does not charge for an activation key
Home gauge does NOT charge for an activation key
HIP does NOT charge for an activation key
Inspectware DOES