Inspectware users

If you use inspectware software Beware! If you have a system crash and have to call in for an unlock code they will charge you $59.00 for that unlock code even after you have already paid for the software.

This post is false. If you have a current version of the software there is no charge. If you have an obsolete version which is no longer supported there is a $59 cost. Most software providers do not help you with obsolete software at all. They require you to upgrade. We’ve been using InspectWare since they’ve been in business. We’ve done over 20,000 inspections on the software and all the inspectors here LOVE the software. Also, when we do have a problem we get immediate help and it’s asually something we did wrong. I highly recommend this software to any home inspector looking for an affordable, easy to use, comprehensive system.

Is the 2006 version the current one?

I dont know what version they are on now. I stopped when they jumped the price to around $1600.oo to go to the 2006 version.

1600.00 ? I paid $500.00 for the upgrade

If the paper work that came with the disk would have say 5-6 hundred i would probably still be using it. It was a good program. It had a couple glitches but i worked around them.

Any recommendations for inspection software’s for beginners