INSPEKT mobile office decals installed

(Blake T. Spann, CMI) #1

Had the decals installed on my transit today, I’m really happy with how they turned out so I thought I’d post some pics. I also turned the back of it into an office. Ready to go!

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #2

Looks good.
Grabs attention.

(Chris Walsh, CMI) #3

Great looking. Good work.

(Blake T. Spann, CMI) #4

Thanks Bob, the graphics shop went the extra mile and used a silver vinyl instead of a printed gray so when it hits the sun it makes it pop. I see your from Chicago? My wife and I were just up there for the weekend to watch the Cubies, we always have a great time up in Chicago

(Blake T. Spann, CMI) #5

Thanks A lot Chris! The mobile office was the hardest part. For some reason vehicles are hard to turn into offices I don’t know why…:smiley:

(Frank Rotte, , CPI, San Diego Home Inspector) #6

And a coffee maker? Where do the tools go? Looks very nice.

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #7

LOL …Forget the Cubs…Sox fan here since the Bruce Sutter trade …look it up.:slight_smile:

Chicago area is great once Summer hits with festivals.
Andersonville fair north of the Park on Clark was past weekend.

Looking to get out of town myself soon and grab a wisconsin cabin in isolation perhaps once I pick a lake.
Closest I came to central Indiana was AT@T ladder and Gaff training west of Indianapolis.{ New Castle } ?

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #8

Wow Blake, Wow! You just won 2 cases of books on me. Email me your shipping address.

(Russell J. Hensel) #9

Wow Blake, that is amazing. I wish you all the luck and for people who don’t know Blake he has 14 years experience in HVAC, 22 Years in electrical, 19 in Roofing, I think maybe 12 years in structural engineering, 7 in plumbing and maybe a few year in Thermal Dynamics…

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #10

Yeah… it is striking in its simplicity.
Perfect balance.

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #11

Thanks for the reminder …only 3 books left and I am skimpy with them.

(Nick Gromicko, CMI) #12

The new ones are now in full color. No extra cost.

(Glenn Fricke) #13

Awesome Blake!

(Pete Campbell) #14

Blake, looks good! One question: Is your 5g toilet bucket painted black?

(Scot Baker, CMI) #15

Transits rule!

(Michael J. Parker, NYS Lic. 16000046690) #16

Very nice job!

(Blake T. Spann, CMI) #17

Awesome! thanks Nick

(Blake T. Spann, CMI) #18

Thanks everyone for the compliments on the van!

And Russ you know me too well, I thought maybe you had forgotten about that hahaha

(Bob Elliott, 450.0002662) #19


(Russell J. Hensel) #20

Blake worked for me for several years before returning to his home in Indiana. I can say to date, he is one the brightest, kindest, considerate and well manner young men I have ever met. I am very proud of him and what he has and will accomplish.

For his age he knows very much and has a ton of common sense.

I would wish him luck, but he will not need it. He has a strong relationship with his family, wife and God…so I don’t think luck can do any better than that.

I love and miss the guy and wish him all the best that life has to offer…