INSPEKT mobile office decals installed

Had the decals installed on my transit today, I’m really happy with how they turned out so I thought I’d post some pics. I also turned the back of it into an office. Ready to go!

Looks good.
Grabs attention.

Great looking. Good work.

Thanks Bob, the graphics shop went the extra mile and used a silver vinyl instead of a printed gray so when it hits the sun it makes it pop. I see your from Chicago? My wife and I were just up there for the weekend to watch the Cubies, we always have a great time up in Chicago

Thanks A lot Chris! The mobile office was the hardest part. For some reason vehicles are hard to turn into offices I don’t know why…:smiley:

And a coffee maker? Where do the tools go? Looks very nice.

LOL …Forget the Cubs…Sox fan here since the Bruce Sutter trade …look it up.:slight_smile:

Chicago area is great once Summer hits with festivals.
Andersonville fair north of the Park on Clark was past weekend.

Looking to get out of town myself soon and grab a wisconsin cabin in isolation perhaps once I pick a lake.
Closest I came to central Indiana was AT@T ladder and Gaff training west of Indianapolis.{ New Castle } ?

Wow Blake, Wow! You just won 2 cases of books on me. Email me your shipping address.

Wow Blake, that is amazing. I wish you all the luck and for people who don’t know Blake he has 14 years experience in HVAC, 22 Years in electrical, 19 in Roofing, I think maybe 12 years in structural engineering, 7 in plumbing and maybe a few year in Thermal Dynamics…

Yeah… it is striking in its simplicity.
Perfect balance.

Thanks for the reminder …only 3 books left and I am skimpy with them.

The new ones are now in full color. No extra cost.

Awesome Blake!

Blake, looks good! One question: Is your 5g toilet bucket painted black?

Transits rule!

Very nice job!

Awesome! thanks Nick

Thanks everyone for the compliments on the van!

And Russ you know me too well, I thought maybe you had forgotten about that hahaha


Blake worked for me for several years before returning to his home in Indiana. I can say to date, he is one the brightest, kindest, considerate and well manner young men I have ever met. I am very proud of him and what he has and will accomplish.

For his age he knows very much and has a ton of common sense.

I would wish him luck, but he will not need it. He has a strong relationship with his family, wife and God…so I don’t think luck can do any better than that.

I love and miss the guy and wish him all the best that life has to offer…