INSPEKT mobile office decals installed

Wow thanks for the kind words Russ, I consider myself very fortunate to have been taught by the one and only Russel Hensel! Pretty proud to put that on my inspection resume. I need to plan a trip down to FL soon we can kick it like old times! Maybe do a couple inspections, could even get a little crazy and throw in a Radon test or two who knows

Books shipped.

thanks again Nick

Blake, looks awesome man I love the decals on the van. The mobile office is a great idea. I wish you the best of luck man. :cool:

Russell taught you well it appears! He does have a smooth operation.


Thanks Carl…it’s the snacks that keep them happy…

Blake has a CBC HOF fame shirt he tacked to the upstairs…shirt is still there…

nice , looks really well done.

It’s a billboard that moves around in your market area all day. Remember to park out front near the road whenever you stop for breakfast.

This looks great Blake. Thanks for sharing images.

Great Job!! Looks fantastic!

See how the color on the red K makes the whole thing work.

I actually select parking spots based on visibility. every little bit helps.

Wow that makes him 74 years old that is older than me:p without the thermal dynamics:shock:


That is one bad *** truck!!! I love it!

Haha thanks a lot I appreciate it!