Instant water heater near panel

An Instant water heater was in the vicinity of an elec. panel on today’s inspection. Is this something that needs to be called out in my report? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Paul

I don’t think it is too close, at least around here…no issue…IMHO.


Guess you couldn’t inspect the panels? :thinking: :joy: unless you went way beyond the SOP. :wink:

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Nothing to see here.


No, but all that storage in there doesn’t make it easy to get to or work on the panels.

Circuit breakers and switches containing fuses shall:
Circuit breakers and switches containing fuses shall:

  1. Be readily accessible.

The proximity of the water heater to the panels is not an issue. You could certainly call out the lack of require working space and dedicated equipment space around the panels.

Thanks for the quick reply guys. Much appreciated. It was definitely a pain trying to get in there to inspect the panels.

Wires should be in conduit eh?

NM can be run on the surface where not subject to damage.

Exactly it should be in conduit.

If the water heater were a surface mounted electrical panel would you expect to see conduit instead of NM cable?

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Physical damage is subjective. I don’t see it needing protection.

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