Instructions on how to make a brochure

I am trying to use the NACHI site to build my brochure. I do not know how can anyone help me?

Let Jesse make it for you. She’s a Pro.

If you want it immediately, spend the $358 and order 1,000 of them through the Express Lane here: The $358 goes back to you more than double (about $200 in expedited custom logo design services, $300 in expedited custom brochure design services, $350 in expedited printing, $99 in business cards). So you get about $949 worth of services and product for $358. Insane deal. Shipping is $9 in the U.S.


You can create one yourself by modifying something our Member Marketing Department has already created: No charge.

Ooops, almost forgot. With regard our Express Lane… we also run your brochure past Kate, our editor, who proofreads it before it goes to print.