Instrument for logging temperature/Humidity

One thing I miss with the use of radalink monitors was the ability of the machine to record temperature, humidity and pressure.

The Sun 1027 does not have this feature.

I was interested in purchasing a temperature, humidity logging instrument. They run around 100-150 each.

Does anyone do this or have any comments or suggestions.

I see Professional Equipment has them.

I was also sent a link from a friend on various loggers.

This is the machine the sales person advised, but I would also need to purchase the software $99


I use a La Crosse Technology Wireless Data Logger Model WS-8610U-CH

Can recieve info from 3 remote sensors and record 3000 data sets at 5 minutes intervals. It however only does Temp and Humidity. Can download to Excel and it works great. I got mine for about $35.00.


I bought one of thesebut I can’t take it with me on inspections.:smiley:

If you want all those bells and whistles, you can buy a 1029 monitor for the low low price of $1500. They sell simple data loggers that are only around $100-$200 that can be plugged into your USB and graphed using an Excel spreadsheet or data logging software.

I have used data loggers in the past for other jobs and you can make some pretty nice looking graphs with the right software.