Insufficient end bearing?

These cracks were present on 4 or 5 joist ends in the same area that barely had 2 inches of endbearing on the beam. The overlap of some of the other joists were barely 3 inches. This was not under a load bearing wall. Are the cracks coincedence (possibly there from the manufacturer or palletized shipping or ???) or caused from too much weight bearing on the insufficient supported area?

Mattioli 071.jpg

Looks like a split from toe-nailing…not to worry, from my perspective, if it’s not too blown out.

If those joists are being supported by the beam underneath, there is not enough overhang.

That is what I was thinking, Will. However the way I read the code is the joist only needs 1 1/2" of bearing, with blocking in between. What am I missing?