Insulated Basement - Water inside the insuation

This is regarding a newly built house, 8 month old with a issue of water mark retain in the inside the insulated poly in the basement. This water patches, along the middle of the basement walls appeared recently. The whole concrete basement walls were insulated and there was a fixed barrier in the middle of the wall. The water patches are appears along the fixed line but no water mark on the floor as shown in the pictures.

We are running A/C and with dehumidifier and set it to RH as 50%. Once AC is running, RH closeris about 65% closer to the walls. My concern is:

(a) are those related to water penetration or crack of the basement? It is hard to believe since this water marks are spread along the fixed insulation barrier and no water mark above or below the insulation.

(b) Is this something we need to inspect the wall by removing insulation?

© If it is water vapor development, Do we need more powerful dehumidifier
to overcome the problem?

Thank you in advanced your input on this.


Sam, your post refers to pictures, however, there are none.

Yes there are.

This typical of a new home Green wood new cement both loaded with moisture .
Home cooled with an ac causes condensation on the cold plastic time should remedy this .
I would like to see the house dehumidifier set to about 40%