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Greetings legends of home inspections, this is an older lake home…there was a low clearance ceiling in the basement and insulation is stuffed between joists both ways, but mostly barrier down (toward the basement floor) of course the vapor barrier should ‘always face the living area’ but commonly referring to walls and upper ceilings. So I suppose the former owners wanted to be able to heat the home and not lose heat into the basement and adjoining crawspaces. What is one to do? you cant vapor barrier both sides and the lower level had the look of a place which had substantial dampness issues and a dehumidifier chugging away persistantly. There was no cross ventilation. In the pic you can see where moisture evidently gathered til it popped a hole and fostered a mold garden. Should I have recommended removing all insulation and ignore the lost BTUs? Poly below only and get some ventilation installed? Research in this area results in myriad opinions of the ‘right way’ and is always dependant on specific details. What is opinion of the interNACHI elite?
all responses appreciated
mike in MN

** **Less ventilation might allow less moisture to enter, ,a larger dehumidifier with a hose to the drain. ,More dirt around the out side down spouts away from the home . Punch many holes the insulation paper so it can breathe .seal the walls/Rafters so less air/moisture enters.

Thanks Roy…I am getting that you do not recommend ventilation. The gutter system was pretty adequate. Punching holes in the vapor barrier…interesting idea. what about using unfaced batts? So any moisture driven out of the living quarters can simply pass through…of course moisture from below might also be driven upward. I guess it would depend on which area on which side of the floor is pushing hardest for whatever reason. I have limited understanding of the pressure scene. I would guess the upper level is more likely to be affected pressure wise (open windows, exhaust fans etc)
thanks for all time
mike in MN

New computer and having trouble will look for a file and send it to you lots of info .

Try these still looking

Added below spaces

BSC Information Sheet 512 Crawlspace Insulation - Building…

I have little time for these tpye of contractors … Roy

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Looks kind of intrigueing …what dont you like about it Roy?

Water is the strongest solvent in the world .
If you have any doubts look at the grand canyon it happened one drop at a time

I have seen in this system the blocks slowly getting dissolved .
You cannot water proof a boat from the inside and the same goes for a house.
Stop the water from entering instead of trying to control the water from coming into the home then pumping it back outside to come into the home again .

well spoken Sir Roy of Brighton…and as always, from thy fingertips, food for serious thought methinks
mike of downunder