Insulation missing on wiring

Take a look at this photo. The insulation on the black wire top left terminal is missing. It does not look like it is scorched or melted, but you can clearly see the copper wire through the insulation. How did it get like this?

Any input?



Here is the Tutorial for posting photos.

In spite of the poor quality photo, it looks like it may have been done when the jacket was stripped off the cable.

That wire run from the top breaker appears to go to the greenfield (corrugated)

Could have been all skinned up on when pulled through…

Was there an ant-short in the end of the greenfileld?

I think I see other issues but it’s difficult to tell with the unfocused photo.

Either way there is more than enough to call it out for repair as needed by a professional.

Wire is not stripped. Almost looks like the plastic insulation has melted off, but no signs of scorching or arc.

Now I’m confused. Any more pics available?

what aboug all those grounds bundled together


Could you please resize your photo so we don’t go blind trying to help?

Here is the best I can do with the photo until he comes back.

Mike, that is a cable MC or AC, not FMC. It is too small to be greenfield. The smallest size is 1/2" trade size, almost 3/4" OD

Your right. I used the wrong term.

Is that UF coming through the side with no protection?

No problem but you need to know which wiring method it is so you know what kind of connector you need. MC and FMC will not require the antishorts if they have the right connector. AC always does