Insurance Agent Partnerships

I am insurance agent in Ocoee FL and I make a killing when I get someone to get a wind mitigation inspection and the customer saves a ton - works out for the both of us plus the inspector gets the business and referrals as well.

Some companies give better discounts than others with a favorable wind mitigation report, like AAA. I had to painstakingly convince one of my customers to get a wind mit and it ended up saving him $933 dollars a year on his homeowners after he had C and Single Wraps. The problem is convincing someone to pay the 75 bucks to save $900.

Would anyone be interested in doing some sort of partnership where you can do wind mitigation reports with some sort of promo - like only pay if you save money on your homeowners or something. I have a company that I use now that refunds you have the cost if you dont save money on your home insurance. It sounds like I want something for free but I could probably get 90 % of my customers to get one (of course the ones that have a chance at saving) instead of just the 5 % I have now get a wind mit. I refer a ton of business for wind mits and 4 points.

My name is Ken Ehrhardt and I work for Barfield Insurance Agency in Ocoee FL - 407 293 1009 x 103


Complete BS. Very transparent.

It is absolutely incredible what people will do these days to get a sale. Sounds like a typical insurance scam to me. Just sayin.

Shady insurance salesmen!! BOOOOOOOOOO…