Insurance agent wants me to lower my prices?

An insurance agent that has used me a couple times asked me if I do roof certifications and asks how much I charge. I told her I can do them for $80 and she sounded shocked. Then she asked me how they are the same price as 4points. I replied no I charge $125 for stand alone 4points. She sounded shocked again? Then she tells me she will have to use her other guys that charges $75 for 4point, and $40 for roof certs.
I’m mind blown. One, how does one charge that low for stand alone inspections?
Two, whyyyyyy does it matter to any agent what we charge? We’re selling a service not a good!

Now you why I don’t do stand alone inspections. :slight_smile:
You have to convince the agent your services are worth more.
Now you know why I don’t solicit realtors…:slight_smile:


I love when agents want to negotiate my prices. What most buyers don’t know is that everything in their Real Estate contract is negotiable including the Agents commission.

When agents ask me to lower my prices I ask them to lower their commission.

Alot of Agents like to believe they’re in control of the whole process. They sell their clients on the idea they can get rock bottom prices on everything.


It’s a business, like any other. Do you go to a mechanic that charges $5000 for a brake job or do you shop around, how do some mechanics do the same service for less? now flip the coin. Someone will always be willing to perform “the same” service for less. The question is what do you want, how do you want to do it, and who do you want to work for. In any business, you need to know your worth.

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Meanwhile the realtor commission is over 10 times the cost of the inspection. And no one questions that.

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Only $80? Why so cheap?

As for the agent, whatever. It doesn’t matter what you charge, someone will always try tell you someone else does it cheaper.

You could lower your price to $1, and someone will tell you they found someone who will do it for 75 cents.


I charge $100 but when she sounded shocked I told her I can do it for $80 since I’m not busy this week. Then when she said her other guy does them for $40 I said ok well thanks for reaching out, have a good day.

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This was an insurance agent but I know there are realtors that do the same. One wanted me to discount my services to all of her clients (non military) since she herself was military. It’s like why? Your not paying for the inspection?

Simon are you a home inspector? I go by reviews and pricing. If someone has better reviews than mr cheap I’ll pay the extra…

Insurance Inspections are a commodity because the inspector is filling out a required universal form which means they are market priced… Therefore, there is nothing except price which distinguishes you from any other licensed home inspector. Once the Realtors figure that out we’ll be filling out their reports for whopping $99 a piece.



Move on and dont worry about it. Agents like that will always find the cheapest way to get things done. At the end of the day she will never significantly contribute to your bottom line.

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