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I am in the process of trying to find a new insurance carrier in TN. I was considering the pay per inspection, however it does not look like it is available in TN. Last year I dished out $4500.00 for E&O and Liability. What carriers are you using and how much? It doesn’t seem like there are too many carriers out there. I am in my second year in the business. Any help would be much appreciated.



Towers & Perrin / Lexington Insurance Co


$967 Installment ? Don’t know about this, I pay it all at once.

Definitely check out the NACHI/Towers Perrin E&O discount:

You need your members-only username and password to get in.

Also check out



And FREA gives zero deductible at no extra cost to CMIs. See near bottom of

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For CMIs to receive the Zero Deductible you must send a copy of your CMI certificate along with your renewal.

OK…refresh worked! Should have known that! As far as the CMI… I don’t quite have 1,000 inspections under my belt yet. So I guess it’s Towers Perrin as the least inexpensive?

How much coverage do you need?

OREP offers E&O coverage starting at 1750.00 for 100k coverage

ALL policies cover radon, new construction, additional employees, and more!

Contact Phil # 888-347-5273 He will send you a price list or direct you to their website.

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AIG with the NACHI discount ROCKS!!! Best way to go for the price! FREA and Allen’s are my second choice…

Allen’s if you want extra protection with (occurrence) coverage, covers you up to 4 years after you perform an inspection, but you will pay for it!

If you are going to be doing home inspections for the next 10 - 20 + years just get claims made insurance, its cheaper…and as long as you can keep your insurance ongoing, you are good to go.