Insurance Cheat?

The woman who lived in this POS wanted the insurance company to pay her for leak damage to the roof structure, her ceiling, and the bed below. Me thinks the company will say “no”. :wink:

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Has anyone read their policy closely, I admit that I usually fade out after about half a page but can’t remember any rule about replacing your roof. Maybe it says the homeowner is responsible for normal maintenance. Any insurance experts out there?

Fair to great chance of saying no, However this smells of a PR nightmare, if this is truly a little old lady. I have seen some pay under similar circumstances. It may depend on how many relatives of hers have a policy with them.

You ever been around someone and could just sense they weren’t telling the truth? That’s the feeling I got. Here are some photos of the bed mattress she claimed was ruined. Here’s a beam that supports the bedroom roof (more like a lawnmower shack) that she claimed was damaged by rain. When I asked her if the leak caused that beam to break, she replied “I think so”.

I’m sorry, but a leak doesn’t break a beam overnight. Some due diligence is necessary by the homeowner. You can’t watch your house fall down around you and suddenly ask the insurance company to pay for it. Here’s what the insurance company asked of me:

“We are asking that you inspect the roof to determine the cause of the damage. Specifically, we are seeking to determine if the roof leak was the result of wind/storm damage or as a result of being an old roof, improper maintenance or of improper construction/installation.”

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Shes going to hunt you down and whip you with her purse!

No choice for “all of the above”? :shock:

Judging by the quality of the home, I don’t think there would be much in her purse.

She should look on the bright side…Obama is going to help her make that home energy efficient (at our expense of course). :smiley:

She probably tried to refinance and the appraiser noted the beam problem and roof so the next step to try is an insurance claim, next step is short out the two insurance wires.

Was that house out near the chicken fried steak place or out my way?

I see this often. It’s the result of unpermitted modifications to the structure. Though a gable end, and classifed as a non supporting wall, they removed the wall, then made it a supporting structure for the upper end of the shed roof. It wasn’t engineered for that. I can have the building condemned for that.

Alternatively, the shed may have been there already. They removed the supporting structure and didn’t engineer a beam to support the existing load. Again, I can condemn the building for that too.

AND, if the foundation, at the rear corners of the gable end are insufficient, putting the correctly engineered beam in place will then cause a settling at one, or both corners.

There is NO insurance issue here. There is a building code issue though.

Oh yeah. Here’s one similar. Look how the windows are trimmed out. Notice the siding that gets added in every few years to close the gaps?

As a prior insurance adjuster, I doubt that the insurance company would be responsible for a “maintenance” problem. At most, they may (depending on her policy) be responsible for a secondary loss, personal propewrty loss.

Now, if she was in huricane katrina,then the roof damage would be covered, only if she had huricane insurance. Kinda like California, if you have earth quake insurance, you are covered, if not, you are sol, and drpending on the policy, you might be able to recover “contents” damage.

Read your policy, most generally, they are written in the favor of the insurance company. Hate to tell ya, the amount of claims I had to “refuse”, due to the “fine” print. Not saying it’s right, but an insurance policy is a contract, and spells out the conditions or recovery. If you don’t meet those conditions, good luck!!

YOU, they will!!

PR nightmare? Doubtful, the bean counters will prevail!!!

In either case, she is sol. If it is caused by lack of maintenance, no recovery. If it is caused by shoddy construction, then they will suborgate the claim back to the contractor.

That could be fun to watch!! Soon coming to you tube!!

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I’ll place the first bet, my money is on the “little old lady”

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