Insurance Claim or No?

Back in the day before I hit the home inspection path I managed satellite tv installers who did all sorts of exciting things like breaking expensive vases, drilling through plumbing pipes, and falling through ceilings. Whenever these things happened I would investigate, document, get repair estimates, and then hire a contractor to make repairs. I never had to file an insurance claim as we just took care of it all ourselves and got a release upon completion of repairs or giving the customer a check for the damages.

Which leads me to this: if an inspector steps through a ceiling, and the homeowner is present, is it standard practice to always report this to the insurance company to be handled by them, or is it appropriate to just get estimates, hire a contractor for repairs, and get a signed release from the homeowner?

These thoughts, and more, popped into my head today as I was doing an inspection in a pretty nice house…

IMO, if you know the cost to fix/repair things like foot through drywall while in attic. And the fix it and make it right is around my deductible even if over. I would make it right without insurance with a release clause of course.

Now if you somehow damaged a piece of art or vase worth thousands upon thousands of dollars I would go the insurance route.


I would do the same as Tony. And I would have the release clause signed when we agreed, the seller and I, to do it as such NOT after the work was done.