Insurance for woodstoves

I got word today that Pembridge Insurance will not insure an uncertified wood stove even if it meets the installation requirements for uncertified stoves as set out in the CSA B-365. No certification sticker = no insurance.

Insurance companies are free to make what ever policies they wish but… Geez. I asked if they would insure a masonry fireplace, which of course can not be certified but did not receive an answer.

Does anyone else know of underwriters with a similar policy?

Look out Paul they are like sheep when one does the rest follow .
Be interesting to see how long it takes .
Roy Cooke


The insurers unfortunately have been setting conditions and rules which apparently do nut hold up under scrutiny. I.e. hydro never condemning k&t, and 60 amp services, et ceteras. I don’t know where the insurers get off like they are some code authority because that is what appears to be happening.

Shop around.