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What company has 4point, roof cert and wind mit, form software available to be used with a tablet.

Thank you

yours :slight_smile: you can do anything to any pdf. At least on windows. Not sure what you are running. What area do you work in?

Try PDFill

I love it.

I am no way affiliated with them :slight_smile:

Windsurance by Best


If you have an android tablet try these demos and see if it’s what you are looking for.

4 point:


Greg Pownall in Florida is using the app as well. You can give him a call to see what he thinks.

I thought allinspections was out of business.

Windsurance is a software company with a nice set of forms. If you are still stuck you can make your own or get one from some others. Several inspectors sell the forms.

Yep that is correct allinspections is gone

All Inspections went out of business in 2012. You can use EZ Pdf on your tablet or phone to complete fillable forms, even lets you add photos and size them. Have been using that for a few months now. Jeff I downloaded the free version of easy wind and 4 pt. Interested in seeing how they work

You can give us a call also. We run on PC tablets and PocketPC devices.

Once you guys discover Easy Wind App, you won’t use anything else. Open your eyes, prove me wrong. Leaves PDFill, HIP and the others in the dust. I use an Eye-Fi Mobicard with my Olympus and Samsung Tab. Sweet, pics auto sized, signature grabbed, my Windows phone is a hot spot, mail the certificate from the Client’s dinner table, gone.
The 4 Point is right on the Citizens form. So simple. Best of all, 50.oo and your done, no cloud.

Greg, how is it any different than Home Inspector Pro Wind Mitigation App? It looks almost identical.

Well for starters, no cloud, no fee. Such simpler navigation.
But in all fairness I haven’t used yours since you only allowed 5 photos.
This also has the accepted Citizens form exactly duplicated.
The 4 Point elsewhere is more than the Insurance Co’s are looking for.

Ours is also the exact Citizens form.

We added more that 5 photos and tons of other changes (including Navigation) more than a year ago so it looks like it’s been awhile!

Most of our users already have the Cloud Service for using HIP or HIP Mobile, so this app was actually free for them. I could see if you’re not using it. Of course I’m guessing that Easy Wind isn’t also keeping all your reports for 5 years either which is where part of that fee goes to.

I don’t need them to keep my reports for 5 years. That point is not a strike against them. Not much of a justification of the fee that your clients do all eventually pay monthly.
Don’t get me wrong, I think you’re good for this industry and appreciate your energies.

Well almost every state requires by law that reports are stored for 3-5 years so it’s great for most guys. I’m not sure if this applies to Wind Mits. We make almost nothing on the cloud fee. We have tons of servers on Amazons cloud. We pay for the servers to run the data conversion from HIP to HIP Mobile and back, to create the PDF for Wind Mit and other apps, etc. We also have to pay Amazon every time that a file is downloaded by your or any of your clients.

If a company doesn’t make any money they’ll end up like AllInspections and leave tons of inspectors out in the dust again with no product to use. Their model was doomed from the start and everyone who’d been in the industry for more than a few years knew it as there was no way to sustain themselves. So it’s not always just about the cheapest method!

Being the cheapest was the last deciding factor, not the issue with me. All Inspections utilized a cloud as well. They are still a very successful Company. This app is simple, and more efficient than anything out there. No cloud this cloud that Amazon this download that. I will use it until the wheels fall off…

How is AllInspections a successful company if they had to go out of business? I realize they’re in other industries as other company names (so a different company) but in this industry they had to close shop.

Just go research what their into now. Their new ventures far exceeds what a very nice inspection software product could produce. Too bad they shut that sector down.

And Dom, it’s ok if there’s another good system out there. No need to bash. Just as an Inspector, I freely acknowledge there are very professional Inspectors in my area. Everytime I have met one it’s great, always left in a good if not better relation. So retract the claws, it’s ok !
You have a good system but everybody is different and comfortable with their methods…