Insurance Inspection

I got a call from an insurance broker who wanted to have a clients gas fireplace and electrical inspected before they would place coverage on the home. He also asked what the charges would be. Has anyone done this type of inspection before, and how did it work out?

If he wants the gas fireplace inspected the best person to do this would be a service technician as they would be certified to do this.
According to Napoleon, all gas fireplaces should be serviced and tagged once a year no matter what. As well they say the pilot light should be on 365 days a year.
The electrical is normally what you would inspect, but it would depend on how in depth they want. If they want an Electrical certificate, this would have to be done by an qualified Electrician.
You should be able to tell if branch wiring is okay as well as circuits no over fused or such.
If you want to arrange the service of the fireplace get the quote from the service tech and add some on for your arranging it.
Add this to your inspection of the electrical.
Altogether it will not be cheaper than a regular inspection.
Do not just charge $50, as I tell people who complain about the amount of money compared to the amount of time… " You are not paying for my time, you are paying for my knowledge." To which one lady replied in front of her (trying to chisel) husband… " I would have paid a thousand dolars for this information you gave me!"