insurance Inspections

Doe’s anyone do Inspections for insurance agentics? If so can you please provide me there info? I would like to start doing insurance Inspections on my down time.

Learn to spell first, then prepare to earn $25 on each insurance inspection, if you get any business at all.

Thanks for the kind words! Sorry about the spelling I was writing this from my phone. In between my 4th Inspection of the day.

Move to Florida and you can do as many as you want as long as you kiss their rears and do them cheaper than anyone else :frowning:

I know I’m not going to get rich off of doing one or two insurance Inspections a week. The goal here as a business owner is to cut back cost and spend more in marketing. I spend a lot of money on gas and if I could put that money into marketing by doing easy quick insurance jobs on my way to an Inspection, why not?

Four inspections a day? Why would yo be interested in insurance inspections?

To pay for some of my marketing. I’m getting a lot of Inspection but I am also putting a lot into marketing.

Raise your rates, it’s easier, especially since you’re so busy.

No one can give you names because each office has different points of contact.

Hit your local insurance offices and if they have a need, offer to fill it for them.


Hi Robert.
I’m trying to figure out why you are asking other inspectors, your competition, to give you their business contacts.
Good luck dude. :slight_smile:

Its not really competition to get put in a worldwide insurance directory. Like (pacific insurance Inspection) is one they have over 30k Inspector and pay out between 30-60 an Inspection. We do about 15 a month from them.

look up prime valuation services, I used to do inspections for them years back. they are out of MA, they cover CT too. I quit, too busy for those inspections. they do 3rd party inspections for underwriters.