Insurance options for Ohio

Does anyone have recommendations for E&O and Gen. Liability Insurance on Ohio? What choices do we have here? Thanks for any information, the only information I could find on the forum was not too current.

Just meet the minimum and you are good to go.

Limits above minimum are a personal choice.

4764.11 Insurance requirements; recordkeeping.

(A) Every licensed home inspector shall maintain, or be covered by, a comprehensive general liability insurance policy or a commercial general liability insurance policy with coverage limits of not less than one hundred thousand dollars per occurrence and not less than a three-hundred-thousand-dollar aggregate limit. The insurance policy shall provide coverage against liability of the licensed home inspector for loss, damage, or expense as a result of an act that occurred while the licensed home inspector was on the premises performing a home inspection. If the employer of a licensed home inspector is not a licensed home inspector and maintains an insurance policy covering the licensed home inspector, the licensed home inspector is not required to maintain the licensed home inspector’s own insurance policy.

As Mike said.
I have mine through InterNachi (EliteMGA) but check with other carriers for pricing for your own requirements.

Yeah, I got Elite MGA also. I had the time to check around for price comparisons and checking their bio as an insurance company and found that they were reasonably priced for what they offer. But like Mike P. says, just go for the minimum. :mag_right::mag: Happy hunting!