Insurance Questions

Greetings. I am just getting ready to start my own buisness. I am going about this without taking out loans. You can imagine money can get tight. I simply cannot afford 2000 dollars for E and 0 insurance. Is there any company that is more reasonable than this, or a company willing to do one property at a time type of thing?

Carl, the Allen Insurance group has a pay as you go plan, they are based out of Ga. I believe the cost is about $700.00 for your first 10 inspections, and then about $350.00 for the next 10 inspections, you buy the inspections in blocks of 10. You might check with them for quotes. These are the figures I paid when I started, it included $500,000.00 E&O, and $500,000.00 General liability. If you are interested I think you can find a link to them on this site. or contact them at 1-800-474-4472 304 MLK Jr. Drive Fort Valley, GA 31030. Melissa Sondron and Heather Harper are the program underwriters.