Insurance scam warning.

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From: Bob Pearson
To: nick gromicko
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 8:44 AM
Subject: Fw: Insurance Scam you may want to send out

Nick the following is a quote
from the Washington Insurance
website - you may want to send it out
as a public service. Edit as you please.

“The Office of the Insurance Commissioner
(OIC) has notified WSDA of a bogus insurance
company. The scam operation specializes in
defrauding high-risk/high-premium/low-claim
industries such as Structural Pest Inspectors
and Commercial Applicators. You are advised
NOT to do business with the following company:
Sinclair Insurance Company Limited or
N.M. Sim Management Company”

If anyone has purchased a policy from them it
is very doubtful you have any coverage. I know
that they have been writing home inspectors.
I just received an application with a sample
of their policy.

If you need any help in securing a new policy
please contact Bob Pearson at

Robert Pearson
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