Insurance thats comes with agreements

Anyone know of insurance companies that provide their customers with inspection agreements?

Are you looking for an agreement? InterNACHI has them for every state if I am not mistaken.

Inspector Pro/Citadel redid mine when I had a bogus claim.

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Yes I have the InterNACHI ones but I’m looking for a complete package from a insurance provider. In my mind it would the most comprehensive that way.

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I will check them out.

Our insurance recommended interNACHI then made some adjustments.

Take the Internachi one along with your insurance policy down to your Attorney and have him draft one that benefits YOU and not the insurance company!!

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No matter what you do you should have an attorney look at the agreement. My attorney fixed a few things in the nachi agreement she thought judges would frown upon in my state, Montana.

Elitemga provided me with a state specific one.

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