Coming into this part time I’m looking for cheaper insurance. One that might understand that this is a weekend only kind of thing until it takes off. I got quoted about $160 a month through the discounted E&O insurance through here. All suggestions and pointers appreciated.

I went years with no E&O insurance. Not required here. If you’ve got money, consider yourself self-insured if you know what you’re doing as a home inspector. In 14 years, I’ve never had a claim.

That’s great to know. I’ve talked with a couple realtors who have had some bad things to say about other inspectors but are still using them so it sounds like going to court is a rare thing. Thanks!

You can substitute “homeowners insurance” for “E&O insurance” in that sentence, and get the same result.

No one “needs insurance” until you do.

Ohio is requiring Insurance for home inspectors. I shopped around and came back to the insurance from Internachi, about $1000.00/year for E & O and Liability. They were the cheapest i found but I am sure it depends on where you live.