My E&O is coming to an end. Anyone use Landy insurance? They gave me a bid almost 1/2 of FREA. Any suggestions on cutting this cost would be welcome.


Check with State Farm. I’ve got my Gen. Liability and E&O through them. And cars.


I did not renew with FREA last year because I received a quote from for 1/2 of what I was paying FREA.

Request a quote and see for yourself…(iNACHI members ONLY)

Half the cost does not necessarily mean you’re getting a great deal.

IF you are price shopping alone, then you will always find a cheaper deal somewhere else. I don’t care what you’re buying.

Keep in mind, that iNACHI members are getting a FREE GL policy.


Mine is up in March (?), Ben. Who do I contact for the GL discount? Also, does FREA offer a rider for our equipment? Specifically, my thermal cam and computer equipment. They total about $12k.

I’ve had a separate policy for these, which includes a GL policy (they wouldn’t do it any other way), which I don’t need because I’m already covered by FREA.

Just to inform you, I have the same policy now that I had with FREA. Nothing changed except the deductible. That’s what I prefer.

I just renewed my E&O through NACHI (Towers Perrin) at $1979. I did not go with their GL because it only covers premise liability. I found a local insurer (Pekin Insurance) who got me GL (1mil) with an “Inland Marine” rider to cover my IR and other equip. for around $300 a year. I feel much safer toting that camera around.

Yep, I insured my camera and laptop with the insurance co. for my house.

Jeff – you can call me directly at the time of the renewal and I’ll have that taken care of for you.

Unfortunately, we do not offer property insurance. And don’t have any intention of doing so. I would shop your insurance around with local brokers in the area.


Nothing changed except for the fact that your deductible increased to $1500 I’m willing to bet. You no longer have coverage for pool & spa and your policy is underwritten by a non-admitted carrier. Minor differences.

Towers Perrin is no longer administering the plan, it’s being handled by Elite MGA. Elite is fairly large, but I suspect there will be some major bumps along the way administratively. I’ve heard complaints already, but that will happen regardless of who you’re provider is.

Generally speaking, it’s better to consolidate your E&O and GL under one insurance carrier if possible and cost effective. There is some gray are between what is a GL claim and what is an E&O claim. Last thing you want is two insurance carriers fighting over who should pay up. Prolongs things even more.