I received a quote from Kim Smith of Hub insurance (she spoke at Red Deer).
E&O was $2,205.00.
Liability $473.00
She is getting back on the bond.
These prices are a little less than Aqua Insurance.

Those are pretty good prices. We’ve been working with Kim for many years.

What did she quote for bonding?
What was Aqua’s Quote?


Kim has yet to give me the bond cost.

At this time Aqua has quoted E&O only and because I do some farm inspections which is considered commercial by their underwriters, the cost is $2,730.00 and if mold inspections are involved $3,230.00.

In general, Kim’s E&O exceeds what the government want and Aqua provide.

I will report in full when I have all the information.

As this time Kim has the better price and product.

My insurance is now with FREA. They can provide the $1,000,000.00 E&O but not the $2,000,000.00 aggregate.

There will be a lot of inspectors looking for insurance in the next two months and I strongly suggest any inspector needing insurance to start looking now rather than later.

Aqua’s quote was $2250. + 150.= $2400.for E&O per year with a $2500. deductable. Their CGL (liability) was $500. per year.
Their surety bond was $500. for a TWO year period for a $10,000. bond

I thought someone said something about Nachi backing up our bond or something of that nature??? Was I correct?

This was for experienced inspectors that have been in business for at least 5 years he said. If you haven’t been in business long, you will have to call them for a quote because their is no history behind you…you’ll likely pay a higher premium.


Make an application.
The prices quoted at Red Deer are not cast in stone and dependent on the amount of inspections and type (any commercial) and a number of other factors.


Just got off the phone with Kim Smith of HUB. Her price for the bond is $200/1year or $500/3 yrs. She is going to be having a phone meeting with Scott Hood on July 5 to determine if in fact the bond will be necessary although she expects it will still be a requirement.


Kim, also confirmed the $200.00 per year “bond” cost.
Compared with Aqua, Kim is considerable less and seems more in tune with the home inspection business.

Kim indicated she is setting up a process with “Service Alberta” that when an inspector arranges their insurance/bond, “Service Alberta” will also receive the same information. Saving time in confirming (Government) that insurance is in place. This is now done in B.C…

Kim’s opinion, in conversation with Scott Hood, is that at least for the first year “bonding” will be required.

I have said before, all inspectors need to contact Scott Hood and confirm if the need for a “bond”, does in fact, benefit the consumer or only add to inspection costs that will be pasted onto the client.

If you are not a CMI you must pass a peer review before September 1, 2011.
After Sept, 1 you will only get your licence by passing the Carson Dunlap correspondence course.
I have had only on call for peer review. Have any of you CMI’s got any calls and how many have you done.


I have had one call.

If members do not start making arrangements now, there will be a lot of inspectors out in the cold on Sept. 1.

Maybe, the membership should be told of this “blog” and tell them to start reviewing it.?


I have had one call also. I wonder if we all have had it from the same person??

The call I got was from NE Alberta.

My call was Calgary.

Mine was Calgary also

Mine was from Lloyd and he booked with me.

I had one email inquiry asking about CMI Peer Review (Calgary).

I have had one email inquiry regarding CMI Peer Review (Calgary).