Getting closer to a starting point. Any suggestions on where to shop for E&O and Liability Insurance. How much Liability should I carry? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

Just spoke with an Agent and he believes the Professional Liability Insurance would cover Errors and Omissions. Hmmm… need inout please.

Ryan Osborne
Risk Management
InspectorPRO Insurance Program

Must be a new agent…practicing. Have him put it in writing with the limits of liability, etc. :slight_smile:


Professional Liability is Errors and Omissions. You want to be sure to have both Professional Liability (E&O) and General liability to be fully protected.

Also, I might be careful in buying from an insurance agent who says Professional liability Might cover errors and omissions.

Will Colton is my agent.

Inspector Pro is tailored specifically to the home inspectors needs.

Will will send you all of your policy info fast and he always gets back to you promptly with answers.

:slight_smile: I highly recommend him.

David, you should question this and Will from Inspector Pro is right. There are many good insurance agents that can find you a professional Liability policy but they actually don’t cover anything that you do. You should be looking and speaking to the few of us who are recommended by your peers and InterNACHI as we all provide a very specific policy for the Home Inspectors Industry.
This is your business and lively hood talk to us all and go with who you feel comfortable with and who can provide you the coverage’s that best fits your needs today.
Feel free to give me a call anytime

Thanks everyone… I adore this site and all of the help I get. What a process… hoping to sit for my test next week and then, away we go… Thanks again.