INT basement drainage morons always telling homeowners it's a hydrostatic pressure problem and

they live in a HIGH WATER TABLE area, yeah right knotheads, say anything, lie about lots crap to get the job = scam baby.

2 houses for now, CANAL in backyard, see it, duckies and fishies right, oh, and water right… Lake St Clair and canal
So why was basement leaking, seeping where bottom of foundation wall meets the floor? Because exterior openings like these that’s why… and by the door to the corner there was CONCRETE, a patio right up against the house so, did THAT keep water away from, off-of the problems? No.

and this house, leaky basement we just did… called homeowner this morning after last nights hard rains, no more seepage, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

One of the ways water was FIRST getting in was through vertical crack, see the drain tiles and footing? WHERE o WHERE is that HIGH WATER TABLE, sheesh we are 7’ deep!!! Idiotzzzz