Intelli vent control Information

The last 2 X I had a water heater with this control there were no indications at the display. The power vent operated and the on/off was on.
I feel that the control could be set to the highest setting and the client could be scalded. It should be visible for the client to see what the tank is set at.

Anyone experience any problems or have any insight on this control?

On a recent inspection of a vacant home when the gas service was on the serviceman explained to agent and home owner how to operate.

You have to hold both buttons in at the same time. Now I know, Kudos to the gas man and real estate agent. (He explained in a phone conversation)

This agent referred me for 4 houses in last week. This agent is rocking!!

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Kind of like explained on pg 1 of the manual you posted?

I originally posted about a month ago, recieved no responses, answered my own question, posted to help others if they needed it.

As you can see I did not read the 27 page instructions. But at least I know how it operates now.

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