Intelligence Quiz

Do you think the New Wind Mitigation Form Is Acceptable? Yes or No.

Do you think the O.I.R. should completely start over? Yes or No

Please vote and give me your opinion as well. I would like to know who thinks what about it.

Given only these three choices.

I do not have to ask you John how you voted but how do we see who votes what?

It is public and i think all can see who votes .

  1. Do what they are going to do anyway…in five years, stop all the discounts and raise the rates 25% each year.

Fun quiz

Well it is giving a clear view about who feels what and how they may be influencing things.

I wish more Florida inspectors would participate.

That is exactly why you are not getting many to participate. People do not want to open themselves to ridicule by you or anyone else. They are willing to share their opinion, but not take crap for it.

I bet you would get more responses to a poll that IS NOT PUBLIC!!!

I do not give people crap for their beliefs no will I ridicule them.

I would like to know who feels what so I can determine some what their train of thought.

I feel it will give me a little more insight into their posts and allow me to know “where they are coming from”.

If you are embarrassed about how you feel and do not want others to know then you are probably in the wrong. If you are not then you would not be embarrassed by your opinion.

If you are not willing to show who you are then the poll is useless.

Being public also weeds out idiots from other areas who attempt to stir the pot.

If you are not in Florida doing these inspections then your opinion is completely useless.

**As expected, you have just proven my point. **

  1. Go back to the old form and no picture requirement.

Here, Here!!

You assume we have an influence.

I would like to know if anyone has read an ARA study or seen their presentations? Does anyone understand the re-inspection statistics?

The re-inspections proved many inspections were erroneous or maybe even outright fraudulent. We’ve all heard the stories. The original inspections done under MSFH were full of unqualified or untrained people as well. I did a number under MSFH with no training. The emphasis was different then, as least as it was explained to me. I would rate some of those original inspections differently today.

I believe the credits are here until the economy improves.

I think everyone has some influence. This just puts folks with similar beliefs together. I just like knowing who thinks what.

Anyone who has done these for any time should be doing them differently or they are out of touch.

The problem is that nothing done justifies anyone is qualified.