interac scam

I’ve gotten two of these so far, a text message on my phone saying I have an interac e-transfer.
Attached to the text was a link, which I did not click.

This has to be scam, interac e-transfer only goes through email as far I know.
The latest text said it was bell reimbursing me for on line data. I don’t have a bell account, and my past experience with bell is that they don’t reimburse diddly.
Clicking on the link will no doubt take to you an authentic looking web page where you click on your bank and enter your user name and password.
The next time you visit your bank account on line you may find that your account has been reduced by whatever the e-transfer limit is x the number of days since you fell for the scam.
You have been warned :slight_smile:

I have had a few of those as well.
Just delete!


Yep three yesterday .
Did not look just removed them instantly .

That IS a scam Erik, my wife received a similar one and traced it back. Called the bank and reported to them in case they got any inquiries about others.