Interactive CD- Electrical Home Inspections

Hey Guys,

I should be done my CD- Walkaround Electrical Home Inspection program by Feb 2007.

It will have it’s own video viewer and inserts and interactive media…I am still working on it but it should be wrapped up in early 2007.

How much Paul? Or is this a free gift ?:cool:

Look forward to hearing more . . .

[size=3]Faster than a GFCI…
Stronger than a 1A Little Giant…
Able to leap tall thresholds in a single bound…

Look…up on the roof…
Its a bird…
Its a really big bird…
Its the fattest bird I have ever seen.



Is this going to be a “First Person Shooter”?



Sounds good, Paul. Look forward to hearing more.

Man…I was not vendoring it…lol…just letting guys know I HEAR YA and I am working on one…thats all…man Stephen you are BRUTAL…and I LOVE IT…

It wont cover EVERYTHING but it will have the interactive feature that will cover about everything in my seminar…and more.

It will sell for $ 1,000,000.00…after all I am VENDOR MAN !

Sold !!!
Hope you will take payments $1;00 a year for a Million years what a deal .
Of course being in Canada I hope you will take Canadian Funds .
Need the address to send the first Looni to in fact I will also send a toonie so I am paid up for three years .
Thanks again you are the greatest.
Any one want Copies talk to me I am sure we can make some sort of arraignments .
This vendor stuff is new for me so I guess I will need some help .
Roy Cooke